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A cool way to make a difference

Working at CrossnoKaye is not just a job – it’s an opportunity to innovate and reduce energy consumption by the largest consumers, starting with the Food and Beverage industry.


We're always looking for awesome people

We're a company with an important mission that has plenty
of opportunities for career growth. If you align with our vision,
join one of our teams.



What the teammates are saying about CrossnoKaye

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I love working with a group of professionals that are driven by the same goals I have to make the industrial plants safer, compliant, and efficient.

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Dave May
Sr. Refrigeration Eng. - CROSSNOKAYE

Sweet Perks

We care about caring for you. We offer generous benefits that support

your physical and mental well-being.

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We provide competitive healthcare benefits for employees and their dependents including medical, dental, and vision.

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Take a break when you need to! Maintaining a healthy balance is vital to staying on your game at work. No "use it or lose it" games. Our culture focuses on ownership, honesty, and responsibility.

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CrossnoKaye deeply believes in sharing the success of the company with all team members. Therefore, all full-time employees are given equity and encouraged to think of themselves as co-owners of the company.

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We believe in the long-term success of our team members. Our 401(k) plan extends the total compensation of each employee with no vesting period or employee contribution required.

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As a forward-thinking company, we've embraced virtual commuting and a flexible work schedule. Whether it's because of the time difference or your circadian rhythm, we respect your flexibility when getting your work done.

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Our dog friendly office means that you can bring your furry friend to work with you.

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Your overall holistic health is very important to us. Every employee receives a wellness credit that can be used on any type of wellness activity as well as a credit towards any personal or family mental health needs.

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Our office overlooks breathtaking views of the ocean, mountains, and downtown Santa Barbara. We not only provide office parking to each employee, but also keep our kitchen areas well-stocked with healthy and unhealthy snacks. Truly an amazing way to enjoy life in paradise.

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We embrace curiosity and are passionate about allowing our employees to learn, explore, and grow. We have many voluntary activities to enhance personal and professional development.


We're on a Mission

to make facilities smart, safe, and efficient by bringing the software and science revolution to heavy industries

The software revolution has transformed nearly every sector of the economy. However, it passed over the heavy industries because their complexity makes it difficult to deploy applications. CrossnoKaye is bringing the software revolution to heavy industries through ATLAS, the first industrial Operating System (OS) that allows for apps to be easily and safely deployed. ATLAS and its apps transform “dumb” facilities into smart ones through modern software infrastructure, advanced AI, IIoT, and control systems that run the entire facility.

Current control systems simply automate what people do by hand without adding intelligence, much like how the first cell phones replaced the functionality of a landline but provided little else. When OSs came to phones, the software revolution transformed consumers’ lives by making their phones “smart”. This enabled live updates, alarms, and digital assistants, as well as countless apps. By bringing the ATLAS OS/App infrastructure to industrial facilities, we will transform heavy industries the same way smartphones transformed our lives.

Modern software will not only transform heavy industries but will also fight global warming. We’ve begun this initiative in Food and Beverage facilities with ATLAS OS and Energy AI, which uses physics-based machine learning to reduce energy costs. We are well underway in achieving our goal of bringing the software revolution to heavy industries in order to make a measurable impact on climate change and make facilities smart, safe, and efficient.

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Bryan Kaye

Balanced Life

We respect a solid work-life balance that allows you to focus on your personal health, family, and career development.